IINE Pink NFC Controller: Review and Unboxing

IINE Pink NFC Controller Review and Unboxing

Do you wish to own a pink controller for your console? There are lots of controllers that are good for both gaming and aesthetic and one of them is this IINE NFC Controller. For this post, I would like to share this purchase of mine and a review that you guys might find helpful before you decide to purchase one.

Measures at around 4.3" x 5.7", this IINE NFC Controller is one of the popular controllers that have been around which offers you different color varieties, which is really good for collectors or for people who usually go for aesthetics. Of course, I will not miss a chance to buy one for myself. I've been looking for a wireless controller that can go with my small pink collection and can be used on playing without wires since I like to dock my Nintendo Switch from time to time.

I bought it at Lazada Philippines. Click here for the actual link to where I ordered this IINE NFC Controller.

Inside the box

Let's see what's inside the box:

IINE Pink NFC Controller Review and Unboxing

It contains the actual controller, a short 1meter USB to Type-C wire plus instruction manual (JP/CN language). 

How to use

IINE Pink NFC Controller Review and Unboxing

Pair the controller with your Nintendo Switch:
1) Open your Switch and head on to "Controllers" > "Change Grip/Order"
2) Hold your IINE NFC Controller. Press and hold the Home + Y button at the same time. Once the lights from your controller are active, it will look for the console to pair it.
3) Done!

Use the controller every time you play with Nintendo Switch:
1) Open your console, press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds and it will automatically connect.

Use the controller for your PC:
1) Using your IINE USB to Type-C cable, plug it into your computer. The 1st and 4th lights from the controller will light up once it's successfully connected. Now you can use it on your Steam. In other words, you have to use the wire while connected to the PC.

Charging time:
- Charge the controller for about 2-3 hours. The controller will blink if its battery is almost depleted. It will blink as well while charging. Blinking will stop if its full charge. You can use the controller for about 6-8 hours.


IINE Pink NFC Controller Review and Unboxing

In terms of its size, it is perfect for me since I do have big hands. I really love how it fits on my hand and it does not slip easily as well.

The IINE NFC Controller is good for casual gaming. There is some delays/input lag which is visible at first but I think you can get comfortable with it. But, I can't recommend this to people who are looking for a controller that can be use wireless with precise accuracy of reception between the controller and the console. One example I experienced was when I tried fishing at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I already pressed the button but I wasn't able to capture the fish because of the noticeable delay.

In terms of its durability, I am still doubting that this controller will last long if you'll use this for long and hardcore gaming. I still would suggest investing in a good controller like the Nintendo PRO Controller. But I do wish that ProCon will produce good colors are well like what the IINE controllers offer.

This controller has burst-mode/turbo and rumble as they mentioned. The rumble works like a charm and the turbo are really helpful especially for shaking trees at Animal Crossing (lol).

This blog post will be updated soon! As of the moment, I'm currently testing its durability. But as I mentioned, I will not recommend this for games with needed accuracy like rhythm games. IINE NFC Controller is good for casual gaming and of course for aesthetics as well.

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