Play Your Favorite Childhood Games for Free!

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Play Your Favorite Childhood Games for Free Reverie Wonderland

One of the best childhood memories I have usually involved playing games with either friends or close relatives. I remember my grandma taught me how to play Solitaire games and Domino. While my father bought me this Sailor Moon-inspired dice game with the same gameplay as Snakes and Ladders. Remembering such games ignites my feelings of wanting to play this again. I'm happy to discover Calculators.Org because they have many games that made me reminisce about my childhood again!
Play Your Favorite Childhood Games for Free Reverie Wonderland

One of the best childhood memories I have usually involved playing games with either friends or close relatives. I remember my grandma taught me how to play Solitaire games and Domino. While my father bought me this Sailor Moon-inspired dice game with the same gameplay as Snakes and Ladders. Remembering such games ignites my feelings of wanting to play this again. I'm happy to discover Calculators.Org because they have many games that made me reminisce about my childhood again!
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Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland

Hello and welcome to another Otome game review! This time, we will talk about Cafe Enchante - the last Otome game localized in English and released by Aksys Games for 2020. Let's assume that this post will contain spoilers but I can assure you that I will not dive into each character's story pot. I will be sharing my thoughts per character and the game as a whole. Let's start!

Game Details

Release: November 5, 2020 (English release)
Developer: Idea Factory Publisher: Otomate / Aksys Games
Voiced: Yes (Japanese)
Language: English
Platform: Nintendo Switch (Physical game and Digital)

The Story

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Located at the outskirts of Tokyo is a simple coffee shop, Cafe Enchante. Kotone Awaki, a hard-working, young office lady, decided to revisit the coffee shop which she inherited from his grandfather who passed away. As she reminisced her times in the cafe when she was still young, she went ahead to scan the whole area until she stumbled upon a "staff only room." Opening the door led her to discover yet another door, which is antique yet huge with the "closed" sign in it. As her curiosity grew, she went ahead to flip the sign to "open." And after a while, four weird-looking men appeared in front of her.

She then discovered that these men are "non-human," to which had been an avid customer of the Cafe during the time that his grandfather still runs the place. But sadly, an organization called GPM had been on the lookout for these non-humans as they might bring risk to the human world. Will Kotone consider to re-open the cafe so she could entertain these non-humans?

The Characters

Kotone Awaki (the name is changeable) - as mentioned above, she's a cheerful office lady but sadly, her line of work is related to 'scamming people' on products that they offer that's why she decided to file a resignation and revisit Cafe Enchante.

She's young and thinks logically about things which are why I adore her. She's also vocal about what she thinks (but depends on this situation, of course) and she's brave. She welcomed these human, non-human, and weird situations that she's currently into, without thinking that it will become a big burden on her life.

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Misyr Rex (CV: Kenji Akabane) - He was the first non-human to appear in front of Kotone. Misyr is the demon lord from the land of Asmodia. He's so powerful that he can use different types of magic and just snap a finger when there are situations that needed to be resolved. Misyr is the one who's into black coffee, that he can drink more than three cups in a day (lol).

Misyr is a logical yet sarcastic person. He can be a cock-blocker depending on which route you take (especially on Rindo's route!) Yet, he's the type of guy who will look for you and love you unconditionally. Also, I wanna take note of Kenji Akabane. This is the first time I heard him being a lead role in an Otome game and to be honest, I love his tone of voice as Misyr, especially when he laughs sarcastically (lol)

Despite being the poster boy, I didn't enjoy Misyr's route that much. Especially with how Kotone has become at the end (oops I'll stop here!). Misyr's route will be unlocked after you finished playing the four love interests.

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Il Fado de Rie (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) - He's a fallen angel from the land of Caelm. Il is a techy, intelligent, gentle yet fragile guy. Fragile like the men will insist that they'll accompany Il if he wanted to go outside alone, will get his plates after eating and etc. Il loves sweets and juices. He's also powerful and with his power combined with Misyr, they work together to create magic so that the humans around the vicinity of the cafe will just ignore their non-human presence when they are outside.

Il is such a mood! He loves and obsessed on Otome games (lol!) Every Otome gamer will definitely relate to Il's dialogs. It's so fun reading all his dialogs. He's such a fanboy! But man... Once you reached his route, you'll definitely hold back to your seat and be surprised at each happening that will unfold...

I would also like to add that Il's voice didn't remind me of Dante Falzone (Piofiore) at all. Good job, Ishikawa-san!

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Canus Espada (CV: Yuichiro Umehara) - The headless knight from the fairy world of Medio. Canus has a huge build. He thinks and decides things in a mature way and he's the one who usually sees things thoroughly like Misyr. He's physically strong too and shoves a heavy sword effortlessly. He loves to help Kotone with running errands like grocery shopping, cleaning the cafe and etc. Since he's headless, the color flare on his head changes depending on his mood. t's amusing to see his reactions too! 

Canus' route was the first route I played and didn't regret it. Despite my initial love for him (I look forward to his route after Aksys' announcement), his appeal to me didn't last long after completing his route. But it is just me (lol).

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Ignis Carbunculus (CV: Yuki Ono)  - Ignis is a beast from the land of Bestia. He's strong, short-tempered, with huuuge appetite and our tsundere boy in the game (lol). Ignis is the strongest beast among their land and either he's feared, or want by the other beasts to defeat. Ignis has the will to not kill other beings but is willing to fight and do his best to protect the people who need to be protected, especially Kotone.

Ignis is my favorite guy in this game! Like wow... despite the circumstances that he has been into, his love never changed. I love him! I don't usually go for the tsundere-type but I'll definitely make an exemption for Ignis. After getting his happy ending, I literally clapped, sighed, and smiled with satisfaction. And that last CG of him is... hot like him. (*fans self*)

Also, let me add Ono Yuki's voice... it's raw, it's rough, and I loveeeeee it.

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Kaoru Rindo (CV: Junichi Suwabe) - Rindo works as an agent on GPM, the organization that runs tests or captures the non-human who are risky for the human world. Kaoru is assigned as the person to monitor the beings on Cafe Enchante and is the only human love interest in the game. He's around 40 years old (I forgot his exact age), a smooth guy who loves sports cars, and a gentleman as well.

Despite my questionable feeling after completing his route (I honestly didn't like how things turn out in his situation), I love the feel of maturity he is giving. I mean, we finally have a human guy who's in his forties and became a love interest, it's refreshing to see! This gave me the big reason why I love Rindo and he's my second favorite of all. Playing his route sends butterflies on my stomach and let's add Suwabe-san's suave voice, a total package!

The Music, Art, and Graphics

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

The game is really good, especially the sceneries. I'm a total sucker for cafe music! So I really enjoy the relaxing music Cafe Enchante has. For the character design, it's not bad at all. I love the overall aesthetics of the game. I guess it was Il and the side characters in his route that made me more amazed at the character design because they look so lovely!

The Game Navigation

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland

The game navigation has the same set-up for Hakuoki and Piofiore. It's easy to navigate.

The overall gameplay is the same as from Code: Realize, that you have to start over after finishing a route and press the SKIP READ and choose the choices for the guy that you are aiming for. Take note, the skip is too long like in Code: Realize so you might need a bit of patience.

Otome Game Review Cafe Enchante Reverie Wonderland

Each route contains one happy ending and bad endings. Some routes only have one bad ending. This game contains extra content as well - each love interest has an interview and they'll answer each question. These are located on the "Extras."

Overall Ratings and Final Thoughts

4.2 / 5.0

To be honest, I am not into the Isekai genre on any Anime/Manga/Games. So Cafe Enchante doesn't appeal that much to me but I still purchased the physical copy as part of my collection. Playing the main story at first didn't pique my interest that much. But as you proceed further and reached for the guy that you choose to play, I didn't expect that it can go real deep (especially Il's route).

And of course like the other Otome games, friendship really does the work. Each love interest is working together to save one another. And also let's add Kotone. She might look weak at first but I grew to love her especially on Rindo's route. Ignis' route made me question the game's rating because of the last CG he has (lol!)

Cafe Enchante is a big 'woah' for me because I didn't expect the routes. Although some routes disappoint me but other routes made me really go 'woooah!' I'm satisfied still after completing the whole game. And this made me more excited for 2021! I hope we could hear more amazing titles to be localized in English :D

Date finished: 17 November 2020
Recommended playthrough: Canus > Rindo > Ignis > Il > Misyr
Favorite character ranking: Ignis > Il = Rindo > Misyr = Canus
Looking for a walkthrough? Otomekitten did a walkthrough for this game!

Thank you for reading and happy gaming! I hope this post will help you decide if you'll be buying this game or not (but you should! XD) In case that you want to know more about the game, hit me up at Instagram @reveriewonderland ;)

We finally got Fin Euclase's route in English! Aside from Fin's route, there are after stories and short stories available once you purchased the Steam Prison DLC set. Let's focus on getting Fin's happy ending that he deserves.

Go to the Steam client and load the game. Choose "Play Fin Route:"

Choices going to Fin's route. I think these don't matter but here are the choices I chose:

▸Catch man
▸Of course, it is.
▸Suggest going together
▸"What about you, Fin?"

▸Impossible ↠ Will bring you back to the main screen soon after
▸Consider it ↠ The route continues

▸I'm sorry I didn't understand how you felt (+ Finn)
▸I'm sorry I can't love you back (- Finn)
▸I'm sorry you were sentenced for a crime you didn't commit

▸I missed you (+ Finn)
▸Were you doing okay? (- Finn)

▸All right (+ Finn)
▸It will depend
▸Too late (- Finn)

▸Let go of me (- Finn)
▸Just a little longer (+ Finn)
▸<Hug playfully>

▸You're very cool (- Finn)
▸I'm rooting for you (+ Finn)
▸This is where it gets tough

▸Sorry you're having to take me there (- Finn)
▸This takes me back (+ Finn)
▸Aren't you drunk?

↠ SAVE 1
▸I don't hate it
▸It reminds me of my father (- Finn)
▸My heart is fluttering (+ Finn)

▸Good colleagues (- Finn)
▸Like family
▸... (+ Finn)

↠ SAVE 2
▸I treasure him (+ Finn)
▸I have to protect him
▸None of your business (- Finn)

Choosing all of the (+ Finn) options; affection maxed out.
↠ "I Love You" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 1 and pick all of the (- Finn) options:
↠ "Together Till the End" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 2 and pick all of the (- Finn) options
↠ "Dying Voice" Ending

You're done! Now, you can enjoy the rest of the new content included with the DLC. Go to the Title Screen > Extra > Story to check the rest of the contents.

Thank you for using my guide and enjoy! We also got some announcement regarding this game. It will have a Nintendo Switch version to be released on 25 February 2021 and English Subs is available too! Thank you HuneX and dramatccreate and to all the people who pledged to make this wonderful Otome game possible :D

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland

Hello! Welcome to another Otome game review. This time, we will talk about Piofiore Fated Memories. This is one of the games that I really look forward to since Aksys Games announced its localization, together with Collar X Malice -Unlimited- and Cafe Enchante. Let's assume that this post will contain spoilers but I can assure you that I will not dig into each route's story plot and the finale plot. I'll be sharing my thoughts on each character and the game itself. Let's start!

Game Details

Release: October 8, 2020 (English release)
Developer: Idea Factory
Publisher: Otomate / Aksys Games
Voiced: Yes (Japanese)
Language: English
Platform: Nintendo Switch (Physical game and Digital)

TRIGGER WARNING: This game is rated "M" as it contains blood, violence, obscene scenes, drugs and etc. I suggest that if you are not comfortable with a dark-themed game, Piofiore might not be your cup of tea.

The Story

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Year 1925, Burlone, located in Italy, is said to be the backdoor of Europe as it is the city where crimes and illegal transactions took place ever so often. The City of Burlone is being led and the home of 3 Mafia Families. The Falzone Mafia is the biggest and is reigning 60% of Burlone, headed by Dante Falzone. For the people who disagree with the Falzone is the Visconti Mafia, headed by Gilbert Redford, whose territory he's leading is the town of Creta. Another Mafia group, called Lao-Shu, headed by Yang and is leading the town of Veleno. One woman, Liliana Adornato, will change the destiny of these mafia groups, as it was said that her mere existence is essential to the whole Burlone...

As these family aims to fight for control and honor, will they be able to succeed? Will they be able to achieve the right to lead the whole city? And as Liliana became the center of ruckus for these Mafia Families, what role does she possess?

The Characters

Liliana Adornato - The protagonist or you (the name is changeable) in this story. Liliana lives at the church ever since she's a kid. She's been helping a lot with duties within the church. She's very beautiful with long blonde hair and expressive eyes. Liliana possessed a mark on her chest. This mark symbolizes her being significant to the whole story but what does the mark mean? Is there a specific reason why she's living in a church? And why does the mafia groups protect/wanted to capture her?

Liliana is a very talented woman who's good at cooking. I also like that she's not as weak as what I assume about her: like a damsel in distress. She thinks about the situation carefully and tries her best not to go in the way when she's with the love interest. To think that each character has a dark side within them, she accepted all these facts without the urge of wanting them to change all of a sudden. She's well aware that each love interest is Mafia leaders after all.

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Dante Falzone (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) - At a young age, Dante became the leader of the big Mafia group, the Falzone Family. He usually does all the paperwork. He works within his office and goes out whenever it is needed. Despite being surrounded by older members of the family, Dante always tries his best, especially since the Falzone family is the first and biggest Mafia group at Burlone. I find him really adorable! His love for sweets makes him feel that he's still immature (he's aware of it) so he tries to drink espresso than a sweeter blend of coffee (but the maid and Liliana were aware of his preferred taste lol)

For me, Dante is the kind of guy who'll spoil you with his unconditional love, without any malice. He's a gentle guy but he can be very ruthless especially if you provoke him or hurt anyone who's very dear to him. I like his character design and he's so adorable when he blushed! I think I screenshot every scene when he blushed (lol)

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Nicola Francesca (CV: Ryouhei Kimura) - Dante's cousin and the "underboss." Nicola possessed the sweetest face ever (lol). He's the guy who does the errands outside the office on Dante's behalf. He's a perceptive guy who does think outside the box often. He cares a lot for Dante as well. Nicola is the 2nd in line being the boss of the Falzone family. He's gentle and usually wears a smile and popular with the girls.

Nicola... gosh this guy is the guy that I'll definitely love because of his looks! At some routes, I find him shady like a lot (lol). Nicola was the first route I did and I fell in love with him. It's just that... he didn't become a top favorite after completing the entire game due to the fact that his ways are a big no-no for me. I don't like being shoved away but he had reasons anyway. But still a no. (lol) Nicola is smart and I do think that he's the guy who you'd love to chat with 24/7 and will enjoy teasing you.

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Gilbert Redford (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) - The leader of the Mafia group, Visconti. Gilbert is very well-known around the people and the city he's leading. He's a jolly guy! Compared to Dante who usually works at the office, Gilbert loves to spend most of his day outside his home and see for his own eye the situation and status of Creta. He's usually accompanied by his right-hand man and an accountant, Oliver, who does all the investigation, paper works and treasury within the family. Gil loves guns and he loves to import them from the United States.

Gil will shower you all the material things that you want (we call him our sugar daddy lol). Kidding aside, Gilbert is the kind of man who'll definitely spend money to show off how beautiful his woman is. He's a clever guy and knows how to deal with the situation he's into. I really think that he's the kind of person who will try his best not to resort to any violence if he can, and has justice for the people and for the whole of Burlone. He's the kind of leader that we want. He's gentle to Liliana as well and became in awe of her wisdom to the point that he fell in love with her.

Also... when I played Gilbert's route, his resemblance from Impey (Code: Realize) is... huge (lol). Aside from the Seiyuu, they shared this kind of air which is self-confidence.

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Yang (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto) - The leader of the Mafia group, Lao Shu, which originated from China. Yang is ruthless and loves being thrilled. He hates being bored and can easily get bored too. He won't hesitate to go for a kill. Yang, outside his route, is usually the villain. He's physically strong and will not mind getting hurt (and actually finds it amusing). This guy has no daily routine at all. He either wakes up late, eat, sleep, and does whatever he wanted. His right-hand man, Lee, does all the paperwork and other transaction-related stuff and does the reporting on Yang. Yang is accompanied by Lan and Fei, young twins who are skilled at using their weapons and will not hesitate to kill as well when Yang instructed them to do so.

Ohmigosh Yang... I hate him at first but he's amazing. I know some of you will find it weird because if you look at his route deeply, you might find it uncomfortable, especially in terms of love and romance as a whole. But I quite understand because I feel like this is the first time he ever experiences the kind of feeling he had. Also, Yang's route is hot too (lol). I love Liliana's personality in Yang's route, to be honest. Despite being afraid that she might be killed when he got bored with her, she welcomed Yang in her heart and accepted him. And Yang's route is the reason why I badly want to get and play the sequel ASAP. His character development left a big impact on me and makes me crave for more...

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland
Image source:

Orlok (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) - Orlok is the youngest love interest for this game. He's the errand boy of everyone. Orlok works for the church but also works for people who need his aid. Despite being young, his fighting skill is superb. He also won't hesitate to go for a kill (at first). His main job is to protect Liliana and will do his best just for her.

Orlok's back story touched my heart. As much as I wanna detail everything about him, his route contains big details about Liliana and his duties so be sure to read everything and have an open mind when reading his route. Orlok's speaks quite low and gentle and this made me amazed at how vast Toyonaga-san's voice acting when you compare his roles. Orlok was amazed at Liliana's ideals regardless of how hard the situation she had. Also... I just want to let this off... Orlok's tragic ending made me hate Dante (sobs)...

Note: The Finale route will lead you to another love interest. ;)

The Music, Arts, and Graphics

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland

RiRi is so amazing! Her Yunohana Spring character designs are good but for Piofiore, it became really better, especially the CGs. It's well detailed now and the proportions and looks of the characters are well-defined. How I wish they could reproduce Piofiore's art book because it's sold anywhere (sobs). A big thumbs up for the graphics!

The music is well-fitting too. The BGM when someone from church arrives still gives me small chills. I love the BGM located at the 'extras' as well. So chill!

The Game Navigation

Piofiore Fated Memories Otome Game Review Reverie Wonderland

The game's navigation is easy as well. It's set up is almost the same as the one from Collar X Malice -Unlimited-. The main love interests have 1 best ending, a good ending, a tragic ending, and bad endings. You can navigate each chapter for easy reading by checking the 'chapters' section.

Overall Rating and Final Thoughts

4.6 / 5.0

I love how dark and mature this game is. I can say that Piofiore Fated Memories goes on my top list of recommended Otome Games to play. But as I mentioned above, this game might not be a cup of tea by others because of the topics and themes involved. I also love the idea that you can have a love-hate relationship with each guy (lol). Because they are Mafia groups and this game has not much side characters to be villain, the love interests can be a huge villain (and ruthless!) depending on the route you'll take. If you are amused on seeing them killing each other, this game is perfect (lol).

Each route issue/conflict varies depending on which love interest you are playing. You can also be prompted to check what is currently happening to the opposing party so it can help you figure out what are the possible happenings next. This game is plot-heavy and the romance part of this game is the sweetest bonus we can get. 

I honestly didn't expect to enjoy this game as much as I expected. To think that the Seiyuus I follow are not even on this game. And after completing the whole game, I rested a bit and replayed Yang's route! I just can't get enough of him... I need more content related to him (lol)

Date finished: 09 October 2020
Recommended playthrough: Nicola > Yang > Dante > Orlok > Gilbert > Finale
Favorite character ranking: Yang > Dante > Nicola = Gilbert > Orlok > Finale guy
Looking for a walkthrough? Otomekitten did a walkthrough for this game! Check it here.

Thank you for reading and happy gaming! I hope this post will help you decide if you'll be buying this game or not (but you should! XD) In case that you want to know more about the game, hit me up at Instagram @reveriewonderland ;)

Hello and welcome to yet another Otome game review! I recently finished playing 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- for Nintendo Switch. I got the chance to snag the game during their 4th Anniversary celebration and the game was discounted to 50% off! I tried my best to make this post as spoiler-free. But I can assure you that I did not go on deeper details, especially everything related to the plot. Also, my Japanese is not very good and everything you'll read is to what I understand it. So I wanna apologize for all the mistakes!

Toraware no Palm -Refrain- was my first ever game from the Toraware no Palm series which is released by Capcom. If I'm not mistaken, this game was originally playable thru mobile (Android and iOS) but got ported into Switch last March 2020. I don't have any background about how the game works but seeing the trailer made me really want to buy this game and I did! :D

The Story

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

You are walking around the hospital area when you spotted a book and then a guy on the floor, almost lifeless, hearing him said "Melissa." You immediately call for help. A few days later, you got invited to an isolated island, only to find out that the guy you helped out was suspected of being the culprit behind the Ambassador's ambush. He was detained to the island and you got a chance to meet him up close. The guy's name is Chiaki, a lean yet sort of an arrogant guy.

You find out that he doesn't have any memories of what happened before the incident. As you about to leave the island, the jail guard Suda, who assisted you along the way to meet Chiaki, said that you can't leave the island just yet. Since you spotted Chiaki during the incident and you held the book (which was said being the main evidence) and gave to the police, you also was held as a suspect.

And since Chiaki can't remember anything, Suda said that you can help Chiaki by being his "counselor," or the person who can help him solve the case (like an attorney/investigator I think?). So you accepted in order to prove your innocence.

But as you dig deeper, you then realize how deep the case was. Was Chiaki the prime suspect on the Ambassador's ambush? What's behind the book and the name "Melissa"? Was the island is just an ordinary island or does it have something related to the current case? And will the love bloom between you and Chiaki despite the truth about his true personality?

The Characters

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

Chiaki (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) - He's the only love interest in this game. He's smart, talented yet sarcastic, and a mean guy. He doesn't trust people around him especially you. So when the time came that you decided to tell him your role and reason for staying at the island, he quite loosens up himself to you.

He grew up in Singapore, moved to America, and then spend the rest of his life in Japan. His line of work is related to foreign affairs (and as a translator). He's dexterous - he can write either with his left or right hand (he said its convenient so he could use the other one when the one is injured). He's also multilingual, but most languages that he new are from Southeast Asia.

Chiaki can't remember any details about what happened. But as you investigate and converse to him, he'll slowly remember things and promised to you that he'll only tell such important things to you alone. To be honest, my first feelings for him changed from loving him to hating him (ugh) and loving him all over again. You can see how he'll be so affectionate to you thru words, only to find out that he's just joking around! But eventually, you'll figure out why he has to be like that.

I love how the MC here is so curious about different places within the island and her ideas of giving stuff to Chiaki to make him entertained. The MC will do everything so she could get evidence on her hands and will tell to Chiaki, no matter how Chiaki wanted us to not get involved anymore and tries to shove us away.

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland
Suda (left) and Moji (right). Image source here.

Suda (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) - The oh-so-shady jail guard! Suda is a keen guy and has a passion for good food with an alcoholic drink at the side. The best cockblocker on the game (lol!). When things get interesting or romantic, he then knocks on the door and will tell you guys that it already times up... Suda has a big role in this game.

Moji (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) - The geeky library guy who loves building plastic figures (I assume its like gunpla or something) and can make his way to access the Internet or other information outside the island premises (like a hacker genius). His role in this game is very vital as he'll help you to gather the information you need to solve the case and mysteries.

There are other characters in this game. Take note that this game is not fully voiced (except Chiaki). So mostly you'll be reading dialogs alone for the side characters.

The Music, Arts/Graphics

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

AMAZING. Everything is freaking amazing! I love how this game is so interactive. The art style is almost realistic that definitely makes Chiaki looking very, very handsome on his CGs. The BGM is relaxing as well. If I remember it right, it changed when I reached Chapter 5 or 6 and I really like the tune even more.

And for sure you guys are aware that you can interact with Chiaki within this game. It's in 3D!

The Game Navigation

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

The game navigation is easy to understand. Once Suda gave you a mobile phone that you can use on the island premises, you will encounter the app called SABOT. The cutie cactus mascot will tell you everything that you have to remember. The plot-related quests will be marked as "!!" while extras are marked as "!" and be sure to finish them as you play per chapter. With SABOT, you can exchange messages to people, especially Chiaki (it's cute when he uses stickers when replying). You can also check him out as it contains a CCTV feature. I love watching him from time to time! The first time I saw him out from the shower for the first time made me blush (lol)

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

This game has an auto-save feature but its much better to go to the title screen once you plan to rest on playing so you won't accidentally lose your progress.

Skinship - This is my favorite feature ever! Since you can visit and chat with Chiaki despite the glass in between, you will be prompted to do skinship with him. You can touch his hand, make a pinky promise, touch the glass with your forehead so you can lean closer to him, and my favorite is both of us sharing a song duet together!

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

Eye-contact - Another notable feature in this game. If you're serious about your statement, look at him directly. If you're feeling shy, look sideways. Guys! Be sure to enjoy these moments especially during the 'Memorial Meeting.' He's such a damn tease and I love it! His dialogs will change depends on what movement you'll do. But take note that there are times that you don't have to tap the screen to get his attention, especially when he's deep in thought.

Otome Game Review 囚われのパルマ (Toraware no Palm) -Refrain- Reverie Wonderland

Mini-game - Yes! There's a mini-game available. You can choose what you want Chiaki to wear for you! If you are a butler-tyle of person, teacher, bad schoolboy, a foreigner from Hawaii, or my favorite, the doctor-type, you can enjoy this mini-game as Chiaki will feed you with Pocky! You have to beat the time limit by eating the amount of Pocky sticks needed. Gosh, this game is so entertaining! And you guys can eat Pocky sticks together too (>////////<)

Overall rating and final thoughts

4.7 / 5.0

Sigh... The feeling of desperation to feel him, hold his hand, and hug him... it still lingers on my system until now! It's hard when you want to hold the person who's so dear to you but you just can't, its so dang frustrating! The feeling of wanting to say out loud what you really feel about him, he'll cockblock you to not say anything because things are so freaking complicated and it honestly made me cry (T^T) I can't count how many times I held my breath every time we talk... And guys, imagine experiencing this kind of feeling on a game. It feels amazing that a certain game can make you feel those emotions...

Definitely a high rating for one of the amazing Otome games I've played so far! Toraware no Palm -Refrain- can give and awaken lots of feelings in you, especially when you really immerse yourself with the suspense and mysteries. Chiaki is such an amazing guy and I love him so much! I can't rate the game as a perfect flat 5.0 because I feel like the endings were kind of rush, but still, all the 3 endings are amazing for their own.

I badly wish the Capcom will localize this game so that more people will get to play this gem! I highly recommend playing this like big time. Now I wanna play the other Toraware no Palm games. I'm waiting for yet another sale (lol!)

Date finished: 24 Sept 2020
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Thank you so much for reading!

Hello and welcome to another Otome Game review! I recently finished The Charming Empire (played using Nintendo Switch) and well, it was a nice read and a good game to enjoy the voices of some of the popular Seiyuus. This review will contain spoilers but I will not dive into greater details as much as possible.

Game Details

Release Date: March 2018
Developer: OperaHouse
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Voiced: Yes / Japanese
Language: English / Japanese
Platform: Digital. Nintendo Switch / Steam

The Story

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

The Charming Empire
is about the heroine, with default name as Amane Kosaka (name changing is available), a simple country girl who lives a peaceful life with her "grandparents." She's enjoying her normal life when all of a sudden, everything has changed. She was taken away to live in the main city, specifically in the empire, by her brother Soshi Amazaki, who's the current ruler. She was given tasks such as learning manners and how to conduct herself as a princess. Along the way, she then finds out what is the real reason why she was taken to the palace and the shocking truth that the governance is corrupted and people are planning to do a revolution against the government.

The Characters

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

Toki Tanba (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) - He's your regular cafe owner who owns a very charming smile and is popular among the girls in town. After the private lesson with the tutor assigned to Amane, she sneaked out to explore the town and that's where she met Tanba. She spent more time with him and found out that he's actually leading the group of rebels who plans to destroy the current government.

I'm quite surprised about Tanba's character because he was this big personality behind being the charming cafe owner. In his route, Amane has been persistent to help him run the cafe that he has to sneak out almost every time just to see Tanba. In terms of romance, it was alright. Tanba has been showing his fondness to Amane but been also trying to distance himself because he thinks that he's a rich girl (and in fact, a princess). His normal ending is... quite sad.

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

Kei Yoshimine (CV: Toshiki Masuda) - He's in charge to teach Amane some etiquettes and academic stuff that she needs to learn. Kei is a well-mannered guy and is 2 years older than Amane. What's behind Kei's upbringing? Well, he's actually the prince of the opposing country. His parents got killed during the war and Soshi brought or kidnapped him to his palace.

Kei is a straight-forward guy. He's so cute when he's shy! He tells what's on his mind and I am amused at how he fought against Soshi on a Swordfight. I love how he became honest with his feeling for Amane! I didn't enjoy his normal ending though...

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

Koichiro Sera (CV: Takuya Eguchi) - The very tall bodyguard who is almost 24 hours on your side (lol). He's a man of few words and has huge experience in terms of sword fighting. 

Sera is... his tsundere tendencies are high (lol). He's not as honest as Kei but is always on the lookout for Amane (which is very amusing to see). I honestly like how Amane has been quite persistent in talking to each love interest, especially with the quiet guy like Sera. I don't like his normal ending either that I don't know why it was called "normal" when I personally think it is a bad ending (lol).

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

Kagemitsu Togawa (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) - Soshi's kind-hearted adviser. The three of them (Amane, Soshi, and Kagemitsu) are actually childhood friends. Kagemitsu ended up as Amane's tutor as well. He's soft and affectionate to Amane since they know each other since childhood but has a strong will to take down the government as well.

I love his route because it gives you a definite highlight of their friendship. And honestly, Kagemitsu's normal ending is passable for me compared to the rest of the guys.

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

Soshi Amazaki (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda) - The current ruler of the country and is your half brother. Some people think he's very strict, some think that he's very kind. He's a hard worker and tries to find his free time to spend with Amane when she requested.

Soshi's route is more detailed and quite longer compared to the other love interest. So I highly recommend playing his route last. And are they blood-related? Yes (half). So... if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a brother-sister romance, his route might not be for you.

For the other 4 routes, he's quite a bastard but became kind at the almost end of each story. I just felt sad that on happy/normal endings on the other guys, its either he'll die or he can't be found. His route's happy ending is the best one that I like among the love interest.

The Music, Arts/Graphics

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

I love the art style! Can definitely say that the CG illustrations are well-proportioned. But disappointed at how short the CG will appear on the game. I feel like after 3 or 4 frames, boom, the CG is gone...

The background music is good as well. It's not boring and not repetitive. I wish this could have more sound effects though but it is not that bad having less (I guess).

The Game Navigation

Otome Game Review The Charming Empire Reverie Wonderland

I hate that you can't repeat the dialogs. You can only read the log. Other controls are pretty easy to understand since it is indicated on the game screen.

Overall rating and Final Thoughts

3.5 / 5.0

Gave an extra 0.5 on the rating because I really love Otome games with voice. And to think that the Seiyuus involve in this game are popular names! It makes me wonder why Tsuda Kenjiro always gets the villain-turned-to-be-a-good-guy-actually type of character. It was good that I played Yunohana Spring (lol). And Egu's voice acting here... woah I'm so surprised at how deep his voice can go!

The game is not that long. It feels like you are reading a Voltage game in terms of the frame count per chapter. The plot is linear for all the love interest. It's just that Soshi's route contained more details about the whole plot. Can't totally say that the whole story is shallow. It is passable for me. Loopholes are around and at some point, the endings for some characters made me feel awkward for some reason...

It is a good read if you are looking for something different and have an *ahem* kink for sibling romance (lol Japan loves this kind of thing, huh). If you are interested in this kind of story, I want to recommend getting The Charming Empire when its on sale. Its cheaper at Steam, in case that you can also enjoy playing Otome Games thru PC.

Date finished: 25 Sept 2020
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Favorite character ranking: Soshi > Kagemitsu > Sera > Kei > Tanba
Recommended playthrough: Tanba > Kei > Sera > Kagemitsu > Soshi

Thank you so much for reading!