Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs - Otome, R18, BL, Talk CD

I didn't know the existence of Japanese Drama CDs until 2015 - when I accidentally stumbled upon this random track on YouTube where I heard this Seiyuu, Hirai Tatsuya (also known for his real name as Daisuke Hirakawa), voicing a scene using a dummy head mic. Since then, I became addicted to listening to drama CDs and began my hunt on buying some of them. Today, I'll be sharing some shops to which we can buy these kinds of CDs.

As mentioned above, my first encounter on drama CDs was actually from Hirai Tatsuya's Kare Pillow Volume 1 - when we, the listener, is doing the "act of love" together with the Seiyuu who's doing his best to voice the whole scenario. To be honest, it was such a turn on and it got me curious about the world of Drama CDs!

We can define Drama CDs as "audio dramas" or "situation audio drama," where we can hear or listen to stories. Depending on the genre or category, it can be based on the first person, second person or third person perspective. Usually, the characters are us, the listener and the character/s on the story were voiced by Seiyuus.

Before we proceed about the shops, I wanna categories the kind of drama CDs that we usually encounter:

❈ Talk CDs - This is one of the most common categories of drama CDs. Talk CDs usually came from Anime, Light novel or Otome games where the characters tell their story about themselves, or a short story which is sometimes an added bonus to the main story itself.
❈ Otome CDs - Want to be the heroine of a story? Choose your preferred drama CD story and you can be one! This kind of drama CDs are the usual ones that we can see in different shops. For Otome CDs, the listener is the main character of the story together with the character/partner in the story which is voiced by Seiyuus using Dummy Head Mic (damihe or DHM).
❈ R18 CDs - I have to admit that this is the kind of drama cd that I prefer. Generally rated as r18, these CDs contain matured "scenes" and is usually voiced by Seiyuus using their alias. Most popular Seiyuus for r18 CDs is Domon Atsushi, Manaka Sawa, Chasuke, Makino Hideki and more. Most common flow of stories here are about love which involves mature scenes.
❈ BL CDs - Same as talk CDs, this time around it is about Boys Love/Yaoi in general. Those manga titles that we read usually have BLCDs. And also, those BLCDs that we listened to oftentimes get an Anime adaptation.
❈ Doujin CDs - Extremely explicit, no censorship, and talks more about more matured themes. Including cheating, and other forms of "forced" things. Yes, other people enjoy this kind of theme.

I wanna elaborate more about drama CDs and give examples as well. But I will do it on a separate post for further explanations.

✿Where to buy Japanese Drama CDs?

Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs Reverie Wonderland

Animate is one of the one-stop shops for Drama CDs of different genres. When you purchase here, most of the CDs come with what they call Animate Tokuten or Animate Benefit track. Its a bonus track for purchases thru Animate. For drama CDs, either Talk CDs or r18 Drama CDs, Animate Tokuten usually has the alternate ending bonus track. Usually the basic ending of the story or sometimes the bad ending as well.

Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs Reverie Wonderland

Stellaworth is basically the one-stop shop for all girl-related geek stuff, especially Otome Games and Drama CDs. Same as Animate, it has Stellaworth Tokuten or Stellawaorth Benefit track. Usually, for this kind of tracks are the sweet end/happy end tracks in drama CDs.

Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs Reverie Wonderland

Another home for drama CDs is from HOBiGIRLS. Same as Stellaworth, HOBiGIRLS offer games, and drama CDs - especially those r18 ones - on their website. They also offer HOBiGIRLS Tokuten or their benefit track. But it is not often like Stellaworth and Animate.

Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs Reverie Wonderland

The home for adult doujinshi, doujin game, and doujin drama CDs. If you are up for way heavier smexy themes, be sure to check out DLSite for the drama CD titles. Maybe your kinky side will be triggered when you spotted some drama CDs in there *laughs*

Where to Get Japanese Drama CDs Reverie Wonderland


Pokedora offers drama CDs which are in digital and can only be played using their mobile app. They are slowly updating old and new drama CD contents every now and then. Aside from that, they offer "Pokedora exclusive" tracks. Pokedora has both talk CDs, BLCDs and rated CDs as well.

Of course, you can buy these CDs from the usual Japanese stores such as CDJapan, Amiami, Amazon Japan, and other shops. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, try Otamart and Mercari. But the shops mentioned separately are the usual places where you can order one.

I will add more of these shops in the future! But for now, those are the places where you can find some guilty pleasure drama CDs. Now I got to go and listen to Domon Atsushi. I wanna hear his smexy moans *laughs naughtily*

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