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Ocushield anti-blue light screen protector for monitor and nintendo switch review reverie wonderland

Have you been playing games or been using your laptop most of the time but noticed the tiredness of your eyes easily? I didn't know the existence of such an anti-blue light screen protector for gadgets until Ocushield introduced their products to me. Today, I'll be sharing my favorite product discovery this 2022, and I'm pretty sure these will be helpful to you too!
Funlab Pink Paw Wireless Controller Unboxing and Review - Reverie Wonderland

Hello and welcome to another unboxing and review! Today's feature is all about Funlab's Pink Paw Wireless Controller. If you are looking for a game controller which is both good for aesthetic and its main purpose, this product might be for you.
IINE Pink NFC Controller Review and Unboxing

Do you wish to own a pink controller for your console? There are lots of controllers that are good for both gaming and aesthetic and one of them is this IINE NFC Controller. For this post, I would like to share this purchase of mine and a review that you guys might find helpful before you decide to purchase one.
Unboxing Jakou no Lyla Limited Edition 蛇香のライラ Reverie Wonderland

I usually avail Otome games for its regular edition (just the game inside its case) because its cheaper than buying the limited edition. But I didn't realize the joy of getting the limited edition until I have tried getting one! Today, I want to share my recent haul and its the Otome game Jakou no Lyla ~ Allure of Musk~ (蛇香のライラ ~Allure of MUSK~) Limited Edition.
8bitdo Zero 2 Pink Unboxing Reverie Wonderland

'Wish you could have a small joystick that you can bring anywhere and a joystick that you can even use as a keychain accessory? It is possible! 8bitdo recently released its smallest game controller: the 8bitdo Zero 2.
Geekshare Nintendo Switch Protective Case Reverie Wonderland

I own a Nintendo Switch with the regular color of joycons which is red and blue. I put skin on it but somehow adding skin is not comfortable for my gaming experience. I love the color pink so much and I badly want to have my Nintendo Switch to turn into pink. Is it possible? Of course, yes! So today, I want to share all about Geekshare's latest products for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Unboxing Reverie Wonderland

I know this post is pretty late already because this console has been out for almost a year now. But still, I wanna share to you guys my simple unboxing post of the recent purchased I made: Nintendo Switch! This is my 1st ever Nintendo console that I got because I really prefer Playstation.

Unboxing: Nintendo Switch

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I know this post is pretty late already because this console has been out for almost a year now. But still, I wanna share to you guys ...

After checking the game store just recently, I saw this Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi on the PS3 game shelf. It is presented in a box and I actually wonder what's inside. I immediately bought it after the sales person told me it's a limited edition plus the price is only Php 990.00 (around $20). So today, I'll be sharing another unboxing post! Let's see what's inside the Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi Limited Edition PS3.

If I were to name my favorite BL (Boy's Love) manga among all, I would immediately say it's Ten Count! My obsession about the whole manga is high that I force myself to save money so I can buy some character goods from Japan. And the latest addition to my collection is this Ten Count Key Chain Set! Although this might be simple and small, I decided to do an unboxing and share it with you!

Up for my first post! But before that, welcome to Reverie Wonderland! As I mentioned on my 'About' section, I'll be sharing posts mostly photos or anything related about toys and photography. So for my first post, I'll be sharing this third action figure on my collection from Banpresto DXF: Levi Cleaning version from anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).