Brick and Gloomy

The weather is quite gloomy today. You can't even guess if it's going to rain or not. So I decided to take my camera, grab one of my action figures and go to our porch area to take some photos and play with Adobe Lightroom afterward.

Our plant box outside happened to be like a 'brick' but it's actually not. I used it to be the background of my photos. Featuring Levi from Banpresto Masters Stars Piece, my theme for today is "Brick and Gloomy."

The sun was covered by the slightly dark clouds. It's been raining before and I decided to go outside 30 minutes after the rain had passed. The pictures are actually bright. But using Adobe Lightroom, I am able to bring out the effect that I really want.

The picture above is my favorite shot of the day. Every time I look at it, it makes me feel Levi's actual persona - he's a very emotional character but because of the hardships that he experienced, he was able to hide his feelings.

This action figure Levi from Banpresto Masters Star Piece has no articulation. It stands at around 25cm. The figure itself and its 3D Maneuver Gear are sold separately. Be sure to check it out as I'll do an unboxing of this figure.

Here's a sample screenshot of my favorite shot before and after I edited it using Adobe Lightroom:

Hahahaha. Big difference right? I really like how my photos look like after I edited them using Lightroom only. It makes a big difference especially when you adjust the exposure of the photos.

Will be leaving you guys with a quote on which Levi is very famous. Hoping to improve more especially in photography (*sobs*). Thanks everyone for reading! Hope you'll read my other blog posts too :)

'Til next time! :)

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