New Found Hobby - The Art of Digital Drawing

Since I was a kid, I really like to draw. Being a daughter of an Architect influenced me to doodle, sketch and draw different things. Of course, we all started using just a plain paper and pencil. And as technology grow, drawing and coloring were made possible with the use of tablet to make the illustration more realistic. I tried one and I am absolutely got hooked with it!

I like to draw! Being an Anime lover also influenced me to be more inspired to draw Anime characters but it seems like its not my thing at all. My teacher from Drafting when I was in my third year High School took notice that I am skilled in making floor plans and house perspective. And because of it, I planned to take Architecture for college but my father disagreed because he said, "you can't earn money from it." (*shrugs*)

I became an IT graduate, events organizer and freelance blogger. During these days, I rarely draw. And because I don't practice during these days plus I really don't have any talent for portraits at all, I can say that I suck at drawing Anime characters and portraits big time. But my hope doesn't end there.

Because of the very slow Internet connection here in the Philippines, (I am using PLDT Ultera and it sucks a lot), I can't do my online tasks during day time. My online works were delayed and I have no other choice. During these times, I decided to just pursue my practice to draw.

Because of the modern technology, artists can draw now using drawing tablets. I want to try it too but I don't have any drawing tablet. I did some research if it's possible to use my ordinary tablet to be able to experience to draw and yes, I succeeded!

I tried Autodesk SketchBook, a mobile app from Autodesk Inc. where you can draw and color your illustrations. I tried it and I am very satisfied. It has a pro version which I plan to purchase soon.

This is my first drawing using Autodesk SketchBook. I am inspired to draw Jumin Han from the Korean Visual Novel Mystic Messenger. Yes I admit I am really not good at drawing and coloring! (*cries*):

I did try another one:

I love how flexible it is to draw. For this free version, you can only have three layers. And I bet that the pro version of these has more features. I again tried to do another sketch!

For beginners like me, you can scan your drawing by taking picture from your sketch on your paper/sketch pad. By that, you can re-draw it on the app and add more details.

I am hoping that I can to improve! I will practice a lot because the feeling of seeing your simple drawing to be this lively gives you a warmth and satisfaction and inspires you to do more.

Are you an artist? I want to hear your thoughts on which tablet/mobile app you are using for your works. Feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading :)

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