Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi Limited Edition PS3

After checking the game store just recently, I saw this Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi on the PS3 game shelf. It is presented in a box and I actually wonder what's inside. I immediately bought it after the sales person told me it's a limited edition plus the price is only Php 990.00 (around $20). So today, I'll be sharing another unboxing post! Let's see what's inside the Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi Limited Edition PS3.

Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi is a visual novel/Otome game from Idea Factory and Otomate. Soon it was localized in English thru Aksys Games Localization and was released last May 20, 2014.

Hakuoki is about the story of Chizuru, a girl who started her journey to find his missing father. Soon she found herself being saved by the Shinsengumi and willing to help her finding his father. Would her journey with the group become successful? Will she able to find his father and also, will she find love despite of all the obstacles along the way?

This Otome game is one of the first visual novel played in PS3 (usually, visual novels like this are being played in Playstation Vita). Aksys Games soon released a limited edition of Hakuoki and it contains items which are great for the hardcore Otome fans!

As you remove the outer cover, you will be welcomed with this cherry-blossom designed Faux Lacquer box. Lift the box cover and you can see the items inside.

Inside the box contains: a Japanese love charm, Hakuoki-inspired comb, the heroine-inspired Japanese hairpin and the PS3 game itself.

Japanese Love Charm

As to follow the traditional trend of the Japanese era, having a love charm or Omamori is a must-have for women who wish to find happiness. And since the visual novel is a love story, they added this love-charm replica with the Shinsengumi logo embroidered.

Hakuoki-inspired comb.

One of the memorable scenes at Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi is when Chizuru combs Hijikata's hair. This comb is inspired by the mentioned scene with the logo of the game and cherry blossoms carved on it.

Hakuoki-isnpired hairpin.

This hairpin or Kanzashi is inspired from the hairpin of Chizuru and you can use it to style your hair of course! It will be perfect to pair when you wear a Kimono or Yukata. This hairpin is lovely and attached to it are cherry blossom-designed beads with Shinsengumi logo.

PS3 game with manual.

If you guys are wondering, I bought mine at DataBlitz (specifically at SM Cubao branch) for only Php 990.00. It's cheaper compared to its first release right? But since the game was already released like 3 years ago, no wonder the price will be as cheap as this.

For everyone who loves playing Otome games, especially if you're a big fan of Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi, I must say that this limited edition is a must-have. The box itself has compartments which can help store the items in place, plus each item starting from the box itself are all Hakuoki-inspired. They are also usable too! You can attach the love charm in your bag, use the comb for your hair and pin it with the hairpin (or just display them in a shelf *laughs*)

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!

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