Collar X Malice Trophy Guide + Game Tips

Collar X Malice is my first Otome Game that I played with lots of in-game mechanics. Compared to the usual visual novels that I played before, this game will make you really feel like a police/detective as you need to navigate a pointer to study the crime scene, shoot the enemy and more. And to tell you the truth, gaining trophies for this game is quite a pain.

For this post, I'll be sharing the Trophy List, Trophy guide and tips on how to earn and complete the trophies.

Trophy Guide:

■ There are 2 parts to gain the good ending. One is the Trust Status and the other one is Affection Status. (It was like gain their trust first before you can romance them *laughs*) There are four parts for each of them. Filling it full will lead you to good ending, which will have a corresponding trophy for each route. (check the list below for the name of good ending trophies).

■ There's a corresponding trophy for completing the Trust Status per route. (check the list below for the name of trust status trophies).

■ You'll get the [Man Behind the Collar] after typing the correct name of Zero at Yanagi's route.

■ You need to get all the bad endings of the game as well. And take note, not one - not two - but five (or more!) bad endings are there per route! The bad endings has no corresponding trophies but you need to complete it to get one important trophy. Getting a bad ending for the first time will give you [Mistakes Were Made...] trophy.

■ Each route has a Blighted Love ending, or the one I called as the 'sorrow' or 'unsatisfied ending for both heroine and the guy.' You need to get this too as each sorrow ending has corresponding CG. Completing the 5 blighted ending will earn you the [Sorrow] trophy.

■ There are question and answer part of the game, where the character/s will ask you some questions in relation to the case in focus. Getting the answer right (for the first time) will give you [Clued In] trophy; thus getting the wrong one (for the first time) will give you [Unsolved Mystery] trophy.

■ Trigger mode has corresponding trophies too. Success will give you [Shooting with Resolve] trophy; thus the Missed/Fail will give you [Wavering Spirit, Wavering Aim] trophy.

■ You'll get the 'Criminal' chapter after finishing Yanagi's route (before it was '????'). Read it at Title Screen > Chapter > Common > Criminal. (Important!)

■ Once you got ALL the endings (Good+Sorrow+Bad Endings+Criminal), you will get [All Possibilities Observed] trophy.

■ CG completion is important! Once you got all CGs, you'll get a bonus one to complete the lists per route. Complete everything (each route+Criminal chapter) to get [Vivid Ideas] trophy.

■  And finally, check out the other contents of the game. You don't need to finish them all, just be sure to check EACH of them. You'll get [Eat Your Dessert] trophy:

  • Title Screen > Album >Voice Recorder
  • Title Screen > Album > Situation
  • Title Screen > Album > Short Story

Trophy list

Bronze: There are 27 bronze trophies that you'll get:
  • [The First Night] - Cleared the Prologue.
  • [Partners] - Entered a character specific route.
  • [Information Gathering] - Obtained information at Shinjuku police station.
  • [On the Scene] - Explored a specific location.
  • [Clued In] - Deduced the correct answer.
  • [Unsolved Mystery] - Incorrectly deduced an answer.
  • [Good Communicator] - Politely returned a message.
  • [Mistakes Were Made...] - Reached your first bad ending.
  • [Shooting with Resolve] - Succeed in Trigger mode.
  • [Wavering Spirit, Wavering Aim] - Failed in Trigger mode.
  • [Promise] - Gained Kei Okazaki's trust.
  • [Eternity by Your Side] - Cleared Kei Okazaki's route.
  • [Partners at Last] - Gained Mineo Enomoto's trust.
  • [Four Leaf Clover] - Cleared Mineo Enomoto's route.
  • [Making the Grade] - Gained Takeru Sasazuka's trust.
  • [Happy Pet] - Cleared Takeru Sasazuka's route.
  • [Intelligent Curiosity] - Gained Kageyuki Shiraishi's trust.
  • [Indelible Memories] - Cleared Kageyuki Shiraishi's route.
  • [Shackles] - Gained Aiji Yanagi's trust.
  • [9th Executor] - Experienced Tomoki Ogata's justice.
  • [8th Executor] - Experienced Hanako Kobayashi's crazed love.
  • [7th Executor] - Experienced Akito Sera's guilt.
  • [6th Executor] - Experienced Rika Sugawara's fear.
  • [5th Executor] - Experienced Manabu Souda's solitude.
  • [4th and 3rd Executors] - Experienced Shion and Suzune Uno's hatred.
  • [2nd Executor] - Experienced Keisuke Sanjo's despair.
  • [The 1st Executor] - Experienced Rei Mikuni's blind faith.
Silver: There are 4 silver silver trophies that you can get:
  • [Man Behind the Collar] - Exposed the mastermind.
  • [The View I Dreamt of] - Cleared Aiji Yanagi's route.
  • [Sorrow] - Reached 5 tragic love endings.
  • [Give Yourself to the Rhythm] - Listened to all the BGM tracks.
Gold: There are 5 silver silver trophies that you can get:
  • [World of Continues Despair] - Cleared Saeki's route.
  • [A Cleared Picture] - Viewed the perpetrator's pasts.
  • [Vivid Ideas] - Unlocked everything in the gallery.
  • [Eat Your Dessert] - Got all of the Bonus Tracks.
  • [All Possibilities Observed] - You viewed all endings in the game, including the bad ones.
Platinum: Earned all trophies.

If you have any questions or there are some corrections that I need to do, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Once again, don't copy/paste/repost this guide without my permission! I worked hard to earn and discover each trophies because I am playing this game blindly (no guides and spent lots of times and sheets of paper to take note everything). *laughs*


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