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Kei Okazaki's route is my personal favorite route, next to Yanagi. Since I'm playing the whole game blindly, I happened to start Okazaki's route first and well, I didn't regret it. I had fun while playing his route because he can be cute and serious! Plus, I like the way he texts us because it's an emoji feast *laughs* He's a gentle-type of guy and will love us unconditionally.

Let's get to know more about the emoji-god!

♥ Name: Kei Okazaki
♥ Age: 26
♥ Job: SP Officer
♥ Likes: Sleeping (anywhere), weird-tasting snacks.
♥ Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

Good Ending

♥ Prologue Common Route 00: Road to Okazaki's Route
  • Don't report it. (Report the incident. = Common Route BE 1)
  • Lie to him. (this option will unlock when you finished one route)
  • You don't care if I die?
  • I understand.
  • What are you trying to protect? (answering this will unlock Okazaki's route)
  • April and May Incidents | June Incident | July Incident | August Incident | September Incident | November Incident ('That's all for now' will be unlocked once you are done reading everything for the first time. You can choose this option on each succeeding route).
  • 6F - Forensics
  • There are things that I need to protect. (If you see this option, it means you got Okazaki's route.)
  • (If you didn't choose any correct answer = Common Route BE 2)

♥ Chapter 1: Okazaki's Route
  • …I can’t say. (Trust UP)
  • The scope of the broadcast
  • They only wanted the cops to know?
  • They wanted to throw off the investigation
  • The crime was poorly planned.
  • ➽ Save Point 1
  • Follow Kazuki
  • Isn’t this inappropriate? (Trust UP)
  • Prioritize the evacuation (Trust UP)

♥ Chapter 2: Okazaki's Route
  • Investigation: Crime Scene | Persons of Interest Data | Murder Weapon | State of the Body | Ground (2X: repeat checking all again)
  • That Ogata stabbed him in the heart
  • Go see Ogawa (Trust UP)
  • LEAF: Thanks.
  • Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices
  • Ogata went that far
  • It was a substitute murder
  • ➽ Save Point 2
  • Is very reliable

♥ Chapter 3: Okazaki's Route
  • ➽ Save Point 3
  • I don’t want to run from him
  • That’s fine (Affection UP)

♥ Chapter 4: Okazaki's Route
  • 7F – Investigation Headquarters
  • LEAF: No, with Okazaki… (Affection UP)
  • Strict
  • Accept his offer (Affection UP)
  • They’re linked to the countdown crimes
  • Narrow it down to publicized scandals
  • Someone who got away with a crime
  • ➽ Save Point 4
  • Let’s retreat

♥ Chapter 5: Okazaki's Route
  • I won’t run. (Affection UP)
  • Yes. (Affection UP)

♥ Chapter 6: Okazaki's Route
  • LEAF: I don’t want to lose you. (Affection UP)
  • I hate you now, Okazaki (Affection UP)
  • ➽ Save Point 5
  • Trigger mode success
  • ♥ Kei Okazaki Good Ending

Sorrow Love Ending

Sorrow love or the ending with no 'satisfied' happiness for both the heroine and the guys. To get Okazaki's Sorrow Love Ending, you can do the following condition:
  • Load ➽ Save Point 5
  • Missed/Fail Trigger Mode
  • Kei Okazaki Sorrow Love ending

Bad Endings

➽ Save Point 1
  • Follow the other guy.
  • Okazaki Bad Ending 1

➽ Save Point 2
  • I can’t lie to her
  • Okazaki Bad Ending 2

➽ Save Point 3
  • I don’t want him to shoot me
  • Call him
  • Okazaki Bad Ending 3

➽ Save Point 4
  • I’ll chase him
  • Okazaki Bad Ending 4

TIP: Be cautious about the choices you'll make. Getting not enough Trust or Affection point can lead to the bad ending. You also need to get all the possible endings if you are hunting for trophies.

Let me know if there's any correction or if you guys have any questions. Please don't copy/paste this and re-post without permission! I had a hard time doing all the endings to unlock the trophies *cries* Good luck!


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