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Mineo Enomoto's route, compared to the rest of the routes, is the most chill route. I mean he's so hilarious that every time his friends are teasing him, I can't help to laugh because of the way he responded to each dialog. Plus, the fact that he can't even chill around women is what makes this route the most relaxed one. But one thing is for sure, he might not trust us at first but once we gain it, he's one of the sweetest guys around.

A short background about this long-haired guy!

♥ Name: Mineo Enomoto
♥ Age: 23
♥ Job: Former Fields Operation Officer
♥ Likes: Shinsengumi, Sengoku Period
♥ Voice Actor: Saitou Souma

Good Ending

♥ Prologue Common Route 00: Road to Mineo's Route
  • Don't report it. (Report the incident. = Common Route BE 1)
  • Lie to him. (this option will unlock when you finished one route)
  • You don't care if I die?
  • I want to trust you (answering this will unlock Mineo's route)
  • Is working for the SP hard?
  • April and May Incidents | June Incident | July Incident | August Incident | September Incident | November Incident ('That's all for now' will be unlocked once you done reading everything for the first time. You can choose this option on each succeeding route).
  • 6F - Forensics
  • I want to research X-Day's beginnings. (If you see this option, it means you got Mineo's route.)
  • (If you didn't choose any correct answer = Common Route BE 2)

♥ Chapter 1: Mineo's Route
  • Someone reckless (Trust UP)
  • It will work (Trust UP)
  • ➽ Save Point 1
  • Take the normal route.
  • 4F – Field Operations Support Team
  • Their methods are wrong

Chapter 2 – Mineo Enomoto
  • ➽ Save Point 2
  • ...
  • ➽ Save Point 3
  • Chase after him (Trust UP)

♥ Chapter 3: Mineo's Route
  • Say it one more time! (Affection UP)
  • Investigation: Wall | Chair on side | Roman Numeral | Curtains | Bloodstain
  • The numbers were written with Fuji’s blood
  • The bullet holes around Fuji’s body
  • Murder via an unrelated conspirator (Affection UP)

♥ Chapter 4: Mineo's Route
  • I’ll eat it for him (Affection UP)
  • LEAF: I was thinking that (Affection UP)
  • Fuji’s murderer…
  • Someone who likes them (Affection UP)
  • ➽ Save Point 4
  • Trigger mode success

♥ Chapter 5: Mineo's Route
  • Mineo! (Affection UP)
  • He probably wouldn’t try to help others
  • A pre-planned response
  • Was set up ahead of time
  • Vengeance against the police (Affection UP)
  • ➽ Save Point 5
  • Want me to support you? (Affection UP)
  • ➽ Save Point 6
  • Where Fuji was killed
  • Move close to him (Affection UP)

♥ Chapter 6: Mineo's Route
  • You did. (Affection UP)
  • Kiss Mineo (Affection UP)
  • ♥ Mineo Enomoto Good Ending

Sorrow Love Ending

Sorrow love or the ending with no 'satisfied' happiness for both the heroine and the guys. To get Mineo's Sorrow Love Ending, you can do the following conditions:

■ At Title Screen look for 'Chapter' > Mineo Enomoto > Chapter 6 > LOW; or
■ Load ➽ Save Point 5 and choose the following answers:
  • Want your partner on board?
  • Where Fuji was killed
  • Watch TV together
  • ...
  • Gaze at Mineo
  • Mineo Enomoto Sorrow Love Ending

Bad Endings

Load ➽ Save Point 1:
  • Take the shortcut.
  • Mineo Bad ending 1
Load ➽ Save Point 2:
  • That's not true.
  • It's my SRCPO mission.
  • Mineo Bad ending 2
Load ➽ Save Point 3:
  • Stay here for now
  • Mineo Bad ending 3
Load ➽ Save Point 4:
  • Trigger Missed/Fail
  • Mineo Bad ending 4
Load ➽ Save Point 6:
  • Shinjuku Station
  • Mineo Bad ending 5

TIP: Be cautious about the choices you'll make. Getting not enough Trust or Affection point can lead to the bad ending. You also need to get all the possible endings if you are hunting for trophies.

Let me know if there's any correction or if you guys have any questions. Please don't copy/paste this and re-post without permission! I had a hard time doing all the endings to unlock the trophies *cries* Good luck!


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