From Boring Color to Pastel Pink: Nintendo Switch Make Over with Geekshare!

Geekshare Nintendo Switch Protective Case Reverie Wonderland

I own a Nintendo Switch with the regular color of joycons which is red and blue. I put skin on it but somehow adding skin is not comfortable for my gaming experience. I love the color pink so much and I badly want to have my Nintendo Switch to turn into pink. Is it possible? Of course, yes! So today, I want to share all about Geekshare's latest products for Nintendo Switch.

I can't risk my joycons by changing its joycon shells. First is I don't have much spare time to do that and second, I am afraid to mess it up and might result to have my joycons broke and unusable. I am broke enough to buy another one so I decided to just go for the easier option for me.

Geekshare, a company from China, has been making some noise about its products which caters (as of the moment) for gamers who own Nintendo Switch. Not just for the guys but also for the girls who love to accessorize their consoles.

As I explore them, I decided to give a shot and ordered a Cherry Blossom (Sakura) - inspired Nintendo Switch analog cap or thumb grip.

Each pack contains 2 pairs. So you can use either pink, white, or a combination of both for your Switch.

Geekshare Nintendo Switch Sakura Pink Thumb Grip Reverie Wonderland

I honestly love it! The quality is not as thin as I am expecting. Aside from that, the design is emphasized well. It is non-slip and will surely not affect your gameplay. I definitely recommend getting one so you can have your analogs protected. 

It comes in different designs: cat paws, Splatoon-inspired, Pokemon-inspired with a variety of colors too. I wanna try buying those pink cat paws soon!

Geekshare Nintendo Switch Sakura Pink Thumb Grip Reverie Wonderland

⛔ You might be wondering why it also fits on my PS Vita. I wanna share a little life-hack for you!

If you own one of those PS Vita analog caps, use it on your Vita. Next, put your Geekshare analog cap on top of it and voila! It fits perfectly!

Using Nintendo Switch Thumb Grip to PS Vita Analog Reverie Wonderland

After a while, I also discovered that GeekShare is also producing a Nintendo Switch console protective case. It comes with beautiful colors especially pastel colors! I decided to purchase a pink one and patiently waited for it (2 weeks before it arrived at my office).

The wait is definitely worth it! The quality of the Nintendo Switch protective case is really good. Not too thick, not too thin. It can slide easily on my console and its installation is easy as well.

Geekshare Nintendo Switch Protective Case Reverie Wonderland

If you want your Switch to have protection from scratches and dust, I recommend getting this protective case too. It comes with a back case for the Switch screen, 2 back cases for joy cons and 2 faceplates for the front of joy cons.

I can also press the buttons well. Though at some part, there's this one area that doesn't feel fit I guess it is okay. But overall, I am glad to have my Nintendo Switch has a brand new look with my favorite color as well!

Geekshare Nintendo Switch Protective Case Reverie Wonderland
Before (using custom skin) and after (using Geekshare accessories) look.

I hope I could try those Nintendo Switch pouch for the console and games. I saw Geekshare having those as well! It will definitely go well with my Nintendo Switch. Too bad that I can't always use Amazon since the shipping fee is quite a pain on my pocket *cries*

If you consider buying this, you can check on their Amazon store by clicking here.

Did you avail one for yourself? I wanna see yours! Thanks for reading!

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