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My Hoyo Fest 2022 Tears of Themis Experience Reverie Wonderland

I am so excited when Hoyoverse announced that Hoyo Fest 2022 will be coming and Tears of Themis will be their second event like last year. I have to invite my BFF Anna as both of us play the game and love Artem Wing 😍 We went to the first day of the event and it's a mix of both fun and a little sadness (but still fun).
My Hoyo Fest Philippines 2022 Genshin Impact Experience

It was a peaceful Thursday afternoon and to be honest, I had a great time going to Hoyo Fest 2022, unlike last year. Things this time are quite different compared to the previous year, and I find these changes incredible!
Tears of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Collaboration Event Philippines Reverie Wonderland

Who would even expect that hoyoverse is back on bringing events related to their games again after the recent HoYoFest? Fans here in the Philippines were shocked after an out-of-the-blue announcement by Tears of Themis Facebook page that there will be an event collaboration cafe dedicated to Artem Wing's birthday!
Diluc Please Come Home - My Hoyofest 2021 Genshin Impact Experience Reverie Wonderland

Hello and welcome to another late post of mine. Aside from my experience during HoYoFest Tears of Themis, I also went to the Genshin Impact event. I am blown away by the number of people who attended the event! It is also a day to finally meet one of my BFFs so it was an exciting one <3
Hoyofest 2021 Tears of Themis Event Philippines Reverie Wonderland

I know, I know. I should have done this blog post at least a month after the hoyofest 2021 but real-life stuff happened and it was not easy for me to blog but here I am, sharing one of the best experiences during the pandemic. I went to mihoyo's HoYoFest 2021 - specifically at the Tears of Themis-themed event!