Christmas 2015

Because I don't have a time enough to prepare for a Christmas diorama, I only used some available items that I spotted at home. Here's my simple photographs for today's theme: "Christmas 2015."

This post is actually late since it is intended to be posted on Christmas Day. But with so much family preparation for the Christmas Eve, I don't have enough time to post it so yeah.

Here are some of the items I used for these photos:

I used this Living room puzzle pieces made of wood for the Living room set up. You can read my previous post to know more about these puzzle pieces and where can you buy them here.

I spotted these gift boxes which are supposed to be Christmas tree ornaments. Looks good!

I made these mini Figma boxes which is actually quite good for Figma sizes (1/12 scale). Of course I want to share this to everyone! You can find the printable version here of mini Figma boxes of Levi, Mikasa, Armin and Eren from the Anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).

Levi got a present from someone. A Figma version of himself!

Christmas Day also means it's Levi Ackerman's birthday. Merry Christmas and Happy birthday, Levi~heichou!

Hoping to improve more especially in photography! Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you'll ready my other blog posts :)
'Till next time!

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