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Adage's route can be unlocked by going to the Prisoner route. As you start the game, you'll be encountering your partner, Fin Euclase. Choices in his route don't really matter. Once you arrived in Sanctuary District, you now need to focus on the choices you'll make to get the guy you're aiming for.

What a terrible man (- Eltcreed)
How curious (+ Eltcreed)
He didn't look like that to me

Thank you (+ Ulrik)
That's a bit suspicious
I can't take that (- Ulrik)

Ask for details (↠ Bodyguard Route: Eltcreed & Ulrik)
Turn down after all (↠ Prisoner Route: Ines & Adage)

Start of Prisoner Route:

Don't make fun of me (- Adage)
I can do it (+ Adage)
It will be hard for me

↠ SAVE #1
It's good (- Adage)
I can't describe it
It's bad (+ Adage)

Why were you sent to the depts? (- Adage)
Can you see them sometimes? (+ Adage)
I'm envious you could leave it behind

You're like a teacher
You're like a parent (- Adage)
Let's eat together (+ Adage)

I will help you (- Adage)
Good night
Good work (+ Adage)

I don't want to give you more work (- Adage)
I wanted to let you sleep (+ Adage)
I'm not a thief

You're more childish than I am
Please take it away (+ Adage)
I'll take it away myself (- Adage)

I'm his assistant
Play along (+ Adage)
Deny vehemently (- Adage)

Introduce myself fluently (+ Adage)
Mumble an introduction
Say nothing (- Adage)

↠ SAVE #2
For free
All right (+ Adage)
No need (- Adage)

I will
Please tell me (- Adage)
You have no social graces (+ Adage)

↠ SAVE #3
Talk about having met Finn  route continues
Don't talk about having met Fin  "Properly Returned" Ending found under "Other"

Thank you (+Adage)
Are you sure?
Thank you, but I don't need it (- Adage)

You still had to meet him (+ Adage)
I'm sorry (- Adage)
Glissade is odd

That's immoral (+ Adage)
Like father, like son (- Adage)
You're lying

Choosing all of the (+ Adage) options; affection maxed out.
 "Sacrificing Myself" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 1 and pick all of the (- Adage) options:
 "Good night, Assistant" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 2 and pick all of the (- Adage) options:
 "Recessive" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 2 and pick 2 neutral options and 3 (- Adage):
 "Roselite" Ending (This is counted as Ines' Ending)


↠ Load SAVE 2 and only pick neutral options:
 "Flickering, Vanishing" Ending

 "Follow Me" Ending can be found on Ines' route.

Let me know if there are any corrections that are needed to be corrected. Thank you!

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