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Ines Heinrich Heine's route can be unlocked by going to the Prisoner route. As you start the game, you'll be encountering your partner, Fin Euclase. Choices in his route don't really matter. Once you arrived in Sanctuary District, you now need to focus on the choices you'll make to get the guy you're aiming for.

What a terrible man (- Eltcreed)
How curious (+ Eltcreed)
He didn't look like that to me

Thank you (+ Ulrik)
That's a bit suspicious
I can't take that (- Ulrik)

Ask for details (↠ Bodyguard Route: Eltcreed & Ulrik)
Turn down after all (↠ Prisoner Route: Ines & Adage)

Start of Prisoner Route:

Dairy farmers? (- Ines)
I would be glad to (+ Ines)
I don't feel confident doing that

I had fun
I had a pleasant time (+ Ines)
I'm tired (- Ines)

It's good that we met on the street (+ Ines)
This is rather sudden
This is too sudden (- Ines)

↠ SAVE #1
Thank you (+ Ines)
Don't worry about it
This makes me nervous (- Ines)

That's cute
That's so unexpected (- Ines)
It is delicious, after all (+ Ines)

It looks fun
It will tire me out (- Ines)
I will work hard (+ Ines)

I think he's fun (+ Ines)
I think he's cute
I think he's funny (- Ines)

Thank you very much (+ Ines)
Of course it is (- Ines)
I still have a long way to go

Perhaps he had no choice
It was bad regardless (+ Ines)
He's being deceived (- Ines)

It's too bad, really (- Ines)
I regret nothing (+ Ines)
I will get used to it

It's unforgivable (+ Ines)
You had to do it
Was there no other way? (- Ines)

↠ SAVE #2
Trust Sir Ines  route continues
Maybe something went wrong "The Fangs of a Hound" Ending

↠ SAVE #3
I liked what you told me
I wish we had met before (+ Ines)
You old life sounds like fun (- Ines)

I'll go to sleep (+ Ines)
I can't sleep yet (- Ines)
I'm too worried

I want to go with you
I'll show you the way (- Ines)
Good idea (+ Ines)

I understand how you feel (+ Ines)
You're being weird (- Ines)
This is kind of cute

Is a well-meaning man
Lives in a different world (+ Ines)
I don't know him well (- Ines)

Let me have your back (+ Ines)
I will take point
Your orders? (- Ines)

Try to resist (- Ines)
Look at Sir Ines
Don't let go of hope (+ Ines)

Choosing all of the (+ Ines) options; affection maxed out.
"HOUNDS" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 1 and pick all of the (- Ines) options:
"Follow Me" Ending (Counted as Adage's)


↠ Load SAVE 3 and pick all of the (- Ines) options:
"Cold Blood" Ending

↠ Load SAVE 3 and pick all of the neutral options then pick the (- Ines) on the last two options:

"Always Faithful" Ending

 "Roselite" Ending can be found on Ines' route.

Let me know if there are any corrections that are needed to be corrected. Thank you!

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