Other Endings and Grand Ending Walkthrough | Steam Prison

Before we proceed to the Grand Ending route, be sure to finish all the endings, including the one on the "Other" endings. Here's the list of the endings for the "Other":

You can unlock the Grand Ending route once you're done with all the boy's route and all of its ending. To get started on this route, it is preferred to start the whole game from its beginning. Now, Cyrus woke up when she heard some noise outside her room. You need to choose:

Leave room with sword ↠ Grand Ending Route
Leave room ↠ other routes

The grand ending route revolves around Cyrus solving problems about why her family was in danger. You can encounter all the guys in this route, doing their best! This is a good read and been a personal favorite although its a bit short.

You might be looking for Fin's route. Is it available? Yes! Check out my walkthrough here.

I hope you guys enjoyed playing Steam Prison! This is one of my personal favorite Otome game after I played this. Thanks for using my guide!

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