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You can unlock Yune Sekiei's route once you're done with Ulrik's "Ferrie" ending. To get started on his route, it is preferred to start the whole game from its beginning. Now, before Cyrus was sent down to the Sanctuary District, you'll get this choice:

Resist being sent down Servant Route: Yune
Accept being sent down ↠ to other routes

Start of Servant Route:

Of course (+ Yune)
Please let me serve you
I can't (- Yune)

If you insist (+ Yune)
I can't do it
I don't understand why (- Yune)

May I really have this? (+ Yune)
It's wasted on me
Let me go home (- Yune)

↠ SAVE #1
I'm a little fussy...
I eat normally (- Yune)
I also eat a lot (+ Yune)

I'm disappointed (- Yune)
I keep my promises (+ Yune)
This is easy

That will be rough (+ Yune)
You must be joking
That's dangerous (- Yune)

About four hundred years old
About four thousand years old (- Yune)
About sixteen years old (+ Yune)

↠ SAVE #2
Talk to Fin  route continues
Don't talk to Fin ↠ "A Thread Unbroken" Ending found under "Other"

↠ SAVE #3
Let's run away (- Yune)
I will deal with him (+ Yune)
He's dangerous

Are you sure?
We need to return to the Heights (- Yune)
I would love to (+ Yune)

No (- Yune)
Are you still hungry?
That sounds good. (+ Yune)

↠ SAVE #4
He's my old partner (+ Yune)
He's someone important (- Yune)
It's not like that

I'm glad he's still alive (+ Yune)
He must be joking (- Yune)
I wonder what happened

↠ SAVE #5
Let me think about it (+ Yune)
I will not commit a crime
Is there no other way? (- Yune)

It feels unreal
It's going to work out (+ Yune)
I'm worried (- Yune)

Good luck
Please attend (+ Yune)
This isn't like you (- Yune)

Choose all of the (+ Yune) options; affection maxed out.
↠ "My Time" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 1 and pick all of the (- Yune) options
↠ "A Promise Kept" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 3 and pick all of the (- Yune) options
↠ "Punishment" Ending


↠ Load SAVE 4 and pick all of the (- Yune) options
Stay with him until he dies ↠ "Lingering Scent" Ending
End relationship ↠ "Let's Meet Again" Ending


Load Save 5 and pick all of the (- Yune) options
↠ "The Ending We All Wish For" Ending

Let me know if there are any corrections that are needed to be corrected. Thank you!

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