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Ulrik Ferrie's route can be unlocked by going to the Bodyguard route. As you start the game, you'll be encountering your partner, Fin Euclase. Choices in his route don't really matter. Once you arrived in Sanctuary District, you now need to focus on the choices you'll make to get the guy you're aiming for.

I highly recommended that you do a SAVE FILE before these choices appeared if you wanna skip reading the prologue. But I will not count this as a save file for the route guide below since this is just an option:

What a terrible man (- Eltcreed)
How curious (+ Eltcreed)
He didn't look like that to me

Thank you (+ Ulrik)
That's a bit suspicious
I can't take that (- Ulrik)

Ask for details (↠ Bodyguard Route: Eltcreed & Ulrik)
Turn down after all (↠ Prisoner Route: Ines & Adage)

Start of Bodyguard route:

↠ SAVE #1
▸It's more than I expected
You tricked me (- Ulrik)
I'm fine (+ Ulrik)

Pretend to not remember
Say I remember (+ Eltcreed)
Don't respond (- Eltcreed)

I am not property
Very well (+ Eltcreed)
I'm uneasy (+ Ulrik)

Thank you (+Ulrik)
You did a lot for me
Change your attitude (-Ulrik)

Of course (+Eltcreed)
It's too much for me (-Eltcreed)
I'll need to work hard

I hesitate
I'm happy (+Eltcreed)
I want pants (-Eltcreed)

Was it right to let him go? (+ Eltcreed)
Don't stop at a finger (- Eltcreed)
Nicely done

Thank you (+ Eltcreed)
I'm not one for flowers...
Thank you, but no (- Eltcreed)

I'll bring some water (- Eltcreed)
Of course not (+ Eltcreed)
I don't want to say

I want to know more about him (↠ Eltcreed's Route)
He's just my boss (↠ Ulrik's Route)

Start of Ulrik Ferrie's route

You're more of a child than I am (- Ulrik)
We're the same age
A job is a job (+ Ulrik)

Poor man (- Ulrik)
Is someone going to help?
Life is harsh (+ Ulrik)

↠ SAVE #2
I want to help anyway (- Ulrik)
So you want me to watch him die? (+ Ulrik)
They're horrible people

We aren't (+ Ulrik)
Stop joking
I hate him (- Ulrik)

I expect nothing less (+ Ulrik)
Please be nice to me...
I don't think I can do that (- Ulrik)

Does that also make him attractive? (+ Ulrik)
How rude (- Ulrik)
Don't you think there's nothing to hide?

It damn well should've (- Ulrik)
Thank you for saving me (+ Ulrik)
That was scary

Good morning (+ Ulrik)
How are you?
What are you doing here? (- Ulrik)

↠ SAVE #3
Tell the truth  "The Final Page" Ending
Wing it  route continues

About the Heights (- Ulrik)
About you (+ Ulrik)
Just our interests

No need to thank me
Glad I could be useful (- Ulrik)
Glad I managed to lie (+ Ulrik)

↠ SAVE #4
Don't force yourself (- Ulrik)
We can go somewhere that you like (+ Ulrik)
We don't have to stay in town

Thank you (+ Ulrik)
Are you sure?
I can't take it (- Ulrik)

He might not come back
He will come back (+ Ulrik)
I want to escape (- Ulrik)

Choosing all of the (+ Ulrik) options; affection maxed out.
 "My Own Story" Ending


↠ Load Save 2 and pick all of the (- Ulrik) options
 "Words Unspoken" Ending


↠ Load Save 4 and pick all of the (- Ulrik) options
 "Ferrie" Ending (getting this ending will unlock Yune's route)


↠ Load Save 1 and pick all (+ Eltcreed), then choose all (- Ulrik) once you start with his route. You should have more of Eltcreed's affection:
Tell the truth
 "One-Winged Bird" Ending (Eltcreed's Ending)

Ulrik Ferrie's Ending List

 "Goodbye, My Knight" Ending can be found on Ulrik's route.

Let me know if there are any corrections that are needed to be corrected. Thank you!

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