Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of Musk~ European Night Walkthrough

Welcome to my Walkthrough/Guide for Jakou no Lyla ~TRAP of Musk~ (蛇香のライラ ~Allure of MUSK~) European Night. This game is currently being played using Nintendo Switch. You can follow me on Instagram at @reveriewonderland to check my game progress.

Jakou no Lyla ~TRAP of Musk~ European Night is focused on both Vince Lugan and Rolan Crydelle. To give you some idea on what plot does this story will revolve, here's my idea about it:

(Please note that my Japanese knowledge is not good but I am trying my best to understand the whole story by how I can read/hear/understand it. Please feel free to correct me).

The first part of the story revolves around our main character, Shirien. We discovered that she's a dancer, owns a gigantic bird as a pet and has a (non-blood related) brother who I can even make a "tch" counter (*lol*). Shrien also works as a spy.

One night after her performance, she saw a glimpse of 2 men going to a room. Her master (and the shop owner who calls him as his daughter) and Shirien met the 2 guys: Theodore and Rolan. They asked for her service to be a spy for Vince, because (1) Theodore wanted his childhood friend Vince to be back on his old self and (2) Rolan believes that Vince is the suspect for killing his family and abducting his sister, Pamela.

[PROLOGUE SAVE FILE] Just a way of avoiding the long prologue. Save once you arrive on the first choice option so you can come back and choose the other answers leading you to the next guy's route. For example, you're doing Vince route first, do a save file once you encounter the first choice so you could come back soon if you plan to start Rolan's route next. 

⇝ Vince Lugan Route ⇜

  • ヴィンス殿下を思い浮かべる (think of His Highness, Vince)
  • 耳を甘噛みする (bite the ear)
  • 頑張って励ます (I'll do my best)
  • 一緒に入浴しないか誘う (why not invite to go to bath together
  •  いないふりをする (pretend not to notice)
  • ヴィンス殿下の部屋だかう (Prince Vince's room)
  • ヴィンス殿下に声をかける (call Prince Vince)

Start of Vince route:
  • 気づいていることを言う (say that you are aware)
  • 私を守る必要はない (there's no need to protect me)
  • 私は貴方を信じてる (I believe in you)
  • 嬉しいです (I'm happy)
  • → Save 1 here 
  • 正直に言う (be honest)
  • 貴方の力になりたい (I wanna be your power)
  • Happy ending! acquired

  • → Load Save 1 here
  • 誤魔化す (deceive)
  • しっかりしてください (please calm down)
  • Alternate ending (this ending is... well Shirien...)

⇝ Rolan Crydelle Route ⇜

  • ロラン様を思い浮かべる (think of prince Rolan)
  • 背中を撫でる (stroke his back)
  • 手をつなぐ (hold his hand)
  • なにもしない (do nothing)
  • 返事をする (to reply)
  • ロラン様に声をかける (talk to Rolan)

Start of Rolan's route:
  • → Save 1 here (3P route)
  • 落ち着いてください (please calm down)
  • 宥める (give up)
  • 酷いと怒る (cruel and mad)
  • → Save 2 here
  • 逃げない (don't run)
  • → Save 3 here
  • 言葉で諭す (use safe words/cheat with words)
  • Happy ending! acquired

  • → Load Save 2 here
  • 突き飛ばす (knock out)
  • Alternate ending 1 (this ending... :< )

  • → Load Save 3 here
  • 逃げる (escape/avoid)
  • Alternate ending 2

⇝ 3P Route ⇜

Yes! You've heard it right. Jakou no Lyla has a "triangle love" or 3P route as what we call it. This is a special collaboration feature added by one of its publishers, Triangle Project for this game.

Now, you can access the 3P route with the following choices below:

From Rolan's route:
  • → Load Save 1 here (3P route)
  • やめて下さい (please stop)
  • 苦しい (it hurts)
  • 3P ending! acquired

  • ヴィンス殿下を思い浮かべる think of His Highness, Vince)
  • 耳を甘噛みする (bite the ear)
  • 手をつなぐ (hold his hand)
  • 一緒に入浴しないか誘う (why not invite to go to bath together)
  • 返事ををする (to reply)
  • ロラン様に声をかける  (talk to Rolan)
  • やめて下さい (please stop)
  • 苦しい (it hurts)
  • 3P ending! acquired

Finally done with the European Night! Now its time to do the Asian night. I can't wait because finally! I'll meet Takuya Sato's character. Thank you for using this guide! Feel free to comment done any questions/thoughts about this route. I really enjoy this especially Vince route!

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