Two Point Hospital ~ First Impressions

Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

Have you ever dream of building and operating your very own hospital? Well, this is your chance! Two Point Hospital is finally here and its time to get your hospital layout plans ready!

Made possible by Sega, Two Point Hospital is a simulation game which basically, you need to build your own hospital. Set on a Two Point City where the community needs a proper hospital to cure a different kind of illness, you - the player - will be given a hospital location and start running the business.

The Gameplay

Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland
Location for your very first hospital.

As mentioned above, you'll be given a hospital location with no other things available aside from the walls and windows. The game will guide you about what you should do. Starting by building a room, hiring a doctor, hiring janitors, hiring receptionist and so on.

Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

You need to carefully plan to which you'll locate the necessary rooms. Don't worry because each room is highly customizable! You can start from the minimum of 3x3 size and edit/move the room for as much as you like. Add necessary machines, add decorations and so on.

Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

Patients will start to arrive with different kinds of illnesses. I am amazed at the light-headedness because it is literally "light-headedness" - your head is a bulb-like thing and the hospital will be able to cure the illness! Aside from that, you can hire different staff for the hospital such as doctors, assistants, and janitors. Each staff has different personality and different specialties. Just in case that you can't cure illness and a patient died on the hospital premises, he might turn into a ghost and scare the rest of the peeps! Be sure to get a janitor with ghost-buster abilities!

The game will give you tasks like you need to cure 10 patients, 20 patients and so on. There will also be an inspector to check the whole hospital and give feedback. And don't worry! You'll get different rewards until you became the 5-star hospital in town.

The Experience (My POV)

Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

Wow! Two Point Hospital is one of the games that I look forward to playing! But since I am already used on playing thru Switch (and I am playing this game thru my partner's PS4), it's kinda hard for me to press different controls. But what I really love about this game is that it's highly customizable, has a good guide for you to become a good community hospital and so on. It has chill music as well - Two Point Radio - where you can hear background music that fits the hospital energetic vibes.

I wanna say my biggest thanks to Sega for giving me a chance to try this game! I can't wait to revisit my partner's place and continue playing the game.

For more information, be sure to visit their official website at

Do you own a PS4 and wanted to try the game? Message me on Instagram @reveriewonderland and let me know if you want the game. I'll be giving you a redeem code for you (R3 / Asia PSN accounts only. Includes the full game with two DLC - "Bigfoot" and "Pebberley Island") to play the game. Thanks so much once again to Sega for allowing me to try the game!

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