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Two Point Hospital PS4 First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

Have you ever dream of building and operating your very own hospital? Well, this is your chance! Two Point Hospital is finally here and its time to get your hospital layout plans ready!
Starwars Jedi Fallen Order Reverie Wonderland

Starwars has been the movie series from the West that I follow (but not as deep as what I do on my favorite Japanese games). It was my boyfriend who gave me more details about the story of Starwars but I am already fascinated with this series ever since. I got the chance to play Starwars Jedi: Fallen Order and yes, I am deeply amazed!
Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

I don't have much idea about Catherine, to be honest. Yes, I play games but I don't enjoy or try many games which are targeted to men. But Catherine: Full Body gives the aesthetic that I like and been seeing my female friends getting it as well so why not try it? So today, I wanna share my first impressions about Catherine: Full Body!