Game Review: Two Point Campus

Game Review: Two Point Campus Reverie Wonderland

Are you ready to build your own university? If so, then you must be ready for Two Point Campus! After the popular Two Point Hospital from SEGA and Two Point Studios, Two Point Campus is a better upgrade of the previous game with lots of new features, letting you be more creative and so much more. Today, I would want to share my experiences as I play Two Point Campus via PS4.

Two Point Campus is a deep-management simulation game. Its overall graphics still gives the same Two Point Studio feels (creative and quirky) plus the cozy music and the notable voices over the speakers still exist for this game (in case you miss them on Two Point Hospital).

Game Review: Two Point Campus Reverie Wonderland

One of the notable comparisons that I have noticed between Two Point Hospital and Two Point Campus is that you can finally get creative on building or designing your space outside the building premises. It means that you can finally add trees, perhaps chairs, paths, and fountains, outside of the building. With Two Point Campus, your imagination is your limit (and of course, your university income too).

Game Review: Two Point Campus Reverie Wonderland

Two Point Campus lets you create a safe space for your students. Aside from hiring employees, you can track your students as well. Of course, university life will not be completed without clubs, extra-curricular activities, and such. For this game, you can add clubs, gigs, and other things that can make your students happy and sociable to other students as well and build friendship and camaraderie.

There are too many things that you can do for Two Point Campus. To be honest, it can get too overwhelming and I honestly got lost on the track that I am following. But thanks to prompts around the game, it can help you proceed on what you should do next.

Game Review: Two Point Campus Reverie Wonderland

If I'm not mistaken, there are a total of 12 levels and 17 courses available for the whole game. As of writing, I reached the Knights course. You will be starting with Freshleigh Meadows (tutorial level) which introduces you to the basics of the game and offers Scientography and Virtual Normality as starter courses.

(After writing this review, I need to eat my dinner and continue to play the game.)

Like at Two Point Hospital, you need to track your expenses and other important factors so you can make your own dream campus a successful one. In Two Point Campus, you need to reach the expectations of your students and employees and at the same time, keep the whole business with a good amount of cash flowing.

Game Review: Two Point Campus Reverie Wonderland

Despite the business management, Two Point Campus is such a fun game to play. To be honest, the graphics and the funny (and sometimes satirical) announcements add to the feel of a cozy simulation game.

Some tips for you:

  • Make sure you have enough rooms to meet your student's academic needs; each course will require individual classrooms for each new intake year.
  • Students like to request things for their academic and social lives, so keep an eye on your inbox messages.
  • Remember to place relationship items on campus to assist your students in making friends, such as watercoolers, benches, tables, and table football.
  • Look at the mood tab in a student's inspector to see how you can make them happier.
  • To speed up construction, copy rooms and items and use room templates.
  • If you require additional funds, you can obtain a loan (in the Campus Management section of the hub menu in the bottom left). However, you must repay it over time, plus interest!

Overall rating: 8.5 / 10

If you love Two Point Hospital, getting the Two Point Campus is definitely a recommended tip for me. The overall upgrade from the TP Hospital in terms of its internal factors in designing and decision-making makes TP Campus amazing. If you want a challenging simulation game with a quirky design and you want to be a university owner (at least for playing games), Two Point Campus is perfect for you. May all your students graduate with flying colors! Have fun and happy gaming :D

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