Game Review: Soul Hackers 2

Atlus, the company behind the popular JRPG titles such as Shin Megumi Tensei and Persona, is back with Soul Hackers 2. This game has taken my attention due to its neon aesthetic vibe plus the well-drawn characters but once I started playing, I immediately got immersed in the story! Today, I want to share my overall review of Soul Hackers 2.

Game Review: Soul Hackers 2 Reverie Wonderland

Soul Hackers 2 presents a turn-based, JRGP developed and published by Atlus. Set in a near-future city where humans and demons co-exist, with humans able to form contracts with demons and become Demon Summoners.


Game Review: Soul Hackers 2 Reverie Wonderland

As Devil Summoners - the characters in the game that can summon demons who they forge contracts with - you need to fight against other demons and characters. You will explore dungeons and at the same time, the demons who you forge contracts with can help you as well by them making their own explorations and giving you rewards such as upgrade materials, healing mats, and other items that can definitely help you level up.

Game Review: Soul Hackers 2 Reverie Wonderland

Despite the feeling I have for this game as the dungeons being a bit repetitive for me, what I love is that you are required to reach a certain soul level to open the other gates. But why, you may ask. You can upgrade your soul level by having conversations with other characters or talking with them (well, having a drinking session with them) in the bar (reminds me of my Catherine: Full Body gameplay). As someone who adores Otome Games a lot, getting to know characters made me attached and understand them so much.

Characters, Sound, and Graphics

Game Review: Soul Hackers 2 Reverie Wonderland

I love Ringo so much! She's not just your regular passive main character as Ringo talks a lot and doesn't hesitate to tell what she thinks. Aside from that, I also love the rest of the characters, too.

Probably because Soul Hackers 2 for me delivers a more intimate feel as you can explore the angles of each character. I like how it's intriguing and you can feel the great voice acting of the voice actors for this game.

As mentioned above, the neon aesthetic is pleasant for me as it honestly adds to the game experience. And gosh, let's not forget the soundtrack as it actually slaps! I love them so much that I can listen to them while working. 

More Personal Thoughts

Game Review: Soul Hackers 2 Reverie Wonderland

I am not a fan of the dungeon exploration of this game, sadly. I kinda feel like it's a burden that I need to finish as it lacks variety per stage. How I wish there could be puzzles and such or they make less identical floors, at least.

Despite that, I enjoyed this game and until now, I am attached to the characters. If you are looking for an Atlus game in a sort of different plot, I would like to recommend getting Soul Hackers 2.

Disclaimer: Thank you SEGA for gifting me a digital copy of the game! Despite being gifted, rest assured that my thoughts above are according to my personal experience.

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