Catherine: Full Body ~ First Impressions

Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

I don't have much idea about Catherine, to be honest. Yes, I play games but I don't enjoy or try many games which are targeted to men. But Catherine: Full Body gives the aesthetic that I like and been seeing my female friends getting it as well so why not try it? So today, I wanna share my first impressions about Catherine: Full Body!

Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

Who wouldn't get attracted to an innocent-looking, pink-haired, girl? Our main character Vincent encountered Rin one night while he's strolling outside. Apparently, Rin has Amnesia and I am very much curious about what will be her role on the whole story.

Our main guy Vincent who's actually in a relationship with Katherine is having the dilemma about his life choices. During the game, every time Vincent will fall asleep, he needs to "fight" to stay alive or else, he'll die.

As Vincent's facing more dilemma, he met the playful Catherine at the bar. He woke up realizing that they had some steamy moments happened and apparently, it's one of the main reason why it's now harder for him to be more honest about Katherine.

What's the reason for having this kind of dreams? What's Catherine's motive for staying in Vincent's arms? What is Rin's role for the whole story and why all these Catherine's are into Vincent? Will Vincent be able to resolve all the problems occurred?

The Gameplay

Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

As mentioned above, every time Vincent will fall asleep, he'll have these "dreams" where he has to "fight" and survive or else, he'll die to the real world. We have to play this puzzle and move blocks so we can reach the top. There are different stages and difficulties. We will encounter giant scary baby that will haunt us as we climb or a butt-looking monster so we need to climb as fast as we could. Aside from that, puzzles can be different depending on how drunk you were that night.

As you finished, you'll encounter sheep (NPCs) that you can talk. Some will give you climbing tips, some are telling you about why those nightmares happened to them as well. You'll be asked as you go to the small chamber to test your personality. It will measure how "evil" or "angelic" you are as a person.

I mostly featured Visual Novels here on my blog or at my Instagram. This game has the mix of being a visual novel (reading the story plus making dialog choices) and puzzle type game and I find it entertaining.

The Story

Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland
Catherine: Full Body - main characters

Vincent, our average looking guy who I feel like he's the most problematic guy ever. He's currently in a relationship with Katherine who he met during his college days (if I recall it right). I guess their relationship has been long because the two have this comfortable aura between them.

He met Catherine on the bar and been drinking until he's drunk enough to not know that something already happened between them. This situation led Vincent to be in a tougher position on how he'll be facing Katherine, who's hinting to get married and spoiler, she said that she's pregnant to him.

Qatherine, or Rin, our cutie pink-haired girl that Vincent met as the story started is another girl linked to him as well. Up until now, I still wonder what is Rin's role to the whole story since I am just playing the game halfway. During the nightmare, we can see Rin on top of the place playing her piano. Why is she there anyway?


Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

We can interact with other characters during the game, especially Vincent's friends. Their dialogs are witty and some can be essential for the personality measure of Vincent too. I really like the two grandmas at the bar who talks in sync! Be sure to explore the whole bar. I always try to sober up by going to the comfort room and wash my face.


This might not be essential, but as a woman who's playing from a guy's POV, Vincent is so annoying. Well, I haven't finished the game yet and his decisions will depend on the game choices that I'll do. But I'm pretty annoyed about the way he thinks. Why he just can't say no to Catherine (even though she said that she would kill him) and be honest to Katherine? And I just do hope that he'll not think of having a romantic relationship for Rin as well...

Catherine: Full Body First Impressions Reverie Wonderland

I highly recommend playing this to guys who are experiencing some relationship dilemmas with their partners (lol). As the game goes by, the "conscience" is giving us flashbacks about how Vincent and Katherine met and his feelings to her, which is actually good!

But all in all, I am enjoying this game so much! If only I had the chance to continue playing this without thinking that I need to work the next day, I can do an all-nighter and finish this game. I am so curious of what Vincent will choose and how will he be able to resolve the problem (if he can resolve it...?) The graphics, the story, the 2D and 3D animation transition is not bad. And plus points that this game has Japanese voice actors! It made me enjoyed the game a lot more.

Catherine: Full Body is available to view at Epic Soft Asia! Be sure to check this link to where you could grab a copy!

I'll surely make another post soon once I've finished the game. I can't wait to do a review of this. It's something different for me as someone who usually plays on a female perspective. Thank you for reading!

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